The recommended profile for admission is the following; in any case, applicants must hold a university degree:

. The Graduates on scientific and technological areas of Valencian universities mainly of the University of Valencia and the Universitat Politécnica of Valencia, which propose the possibility of creating entrepreneurs of innovative companies in the near future.

. Entrepreneurs, founders and technicians of technology based companies already existent in the Valencian Region, motivated by the need to incorporate a broad-based knowledge in management and organization of companies in advanced technology sectors.

The Master’s will accept candidates with education in various degrees, with the following order of priority:

1. Licenciatura (former Spanish undergraduate degree), engineering (or degree) in degrees of scientific and technical fields.

2. Licenciatura or degree in Business Management and Administration and Economics.

3. Finally, if there are free places and always that have been passed the process of selection, candidates with other degrees or licenciaturas.

Admission requirements, in order of preferences:

1. University Degree

2. Academic record.

3. Working experience

4. Demonstrable interest in the contents and professional careers of the Master’s Degree in Creation and Management of New Technology-Based Companies.