The admission is made in a personalised way, taking into account the curriculum and the academic record of the applicant.

It will be taken into account:

  • Modification of the title of origin to the Master’s profile.
  • Academic record
  • Professional experience
  • Other merits: courses, practices, languages, modification letter…

Within the admission criteria it should be noted that those persons interested in accede to this Master’s, whose mother tongue is not Spanish, must justify a knowledge level of the language that enables them the optimal monitoring of the classes. Either through a certifying document or getting in touch with the directors with the purpose of establishing an alternative procedure.

In relation to the criterion of affinity of the degree to the Master’s degree of origin, the following degrees are considered as related: licenciatura in the area of Basic and Technic Sciences (Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Electronic, Industrial Organisation,…) and the licenciaturas in the area of Economics (Economics, Business Administration, Business,…) and all those degrees that are developed in these three areas.

In accordance with the exposed and dealing with the different established criteria the scale will be the following:

Starting training (degree with which is joined and others): up to 5 points
Average mark of the academic record of the access degree: up to 4 points (1-pased, 2- B grade, 3- A and 4- A distinction)
Professional experience in the areas of the Master’s: up to 5 points
Other merits: up to 2 points