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The Extraordinary Phase of the pre-enrolment procedure for master's degree studies for the academic year 2022-23 will be open from 20 July at 14:00 until 2 September.

Important: Consult the provisional list of Master's Degrees offered in the Extraordinary Phase.

Remember that the application procedure will be open until 2 September.


Requirements to participate in this phase:

  1. Students in possession of an official university degree that gives access to Master’s studies, or who are in the process of obtaining it, at the latest by 22 September 2022.
  2. Students studying for a Bachelor’s degree at a university in the EHEA who still have to pass the Degree Final Project and up to a maximum of 9 ECTS credits.


However, take a look a the list of masters that have been closed definitely in the Extraordinary Phase of pre-enrolment and which, therefore, you will not be able to choose in the application form.