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Exceptionally, and always before 1 October, pre-enrolment for the above-mentioned master's degrees may be carried out ex officio by following the instructions below:

1º The required documentation should be sent to :


- Diploma/Title or Certificate of Fee Deposit.

In addition, in the case of diplomas issued in foreign educational systems not belonging to the EHEA, they must include the corresponding legalisation/endorsement issued before 3 September, as well as the official translation if applicable.

- Official Academic Certification stating all the degree credits passed, as long as the studies are completed in the academic year 2020-2021 at the latest.

2º If the documentation is complete and meets the admission criteria of the master's degree * (see the form available for each of them), the Academic Coordination Committee will be asked to assess it and authorise the pre-enrolment process ex officio. If necessary, additional documentation may be required.

3º En caso de autorizarse la petición, desde el Servicio de Estudiantes se realizará la preinscripción de oficio y, en su caso, se exigirá el pago de 155,22€ por el estudio de la equivalencia de títulos al que están sujetos los titulados en países no pertenecientes al EEES.

3º If the request is authorised, the Student Services will carry out the official pre-enrolment and, if applicable, the payment of 155.22€ will be required for the study of the equivalence of degrees to which graduates from non-EHEA countries are subject.

4º Finally, you will be given instructions on how to register at the Faculty.