A. At the University’s own initiative:

  1. Falsehood in the data provided by the applicant.
  2. Verification of the non-compliance with the requirements to access or continuing University Studies.
  3. Non-payment, in full or in part, of the fees due (check section 3: “Payment terms and deadlines - Consequences of non-payment”).

Cancellation of enrolment will become effective at the time at which falsehood is found or non-payment is confirmed, through the procedure set up for this purpose.

B. At the student’s request:

Enrolment can only be cancelled at the student’s request in cases of force majeure which make it impossible for students to continue their studies in the current academic year.

According to enrolment regulations, force majeure refers to:

  1. Illness
  2. Job or work-related issues
  3. Economic loss in the household
  4. Any other reason comparable to those above

The request for cancellation due to force majeure can ask for:

  1. Full cancellation of enrolment, at any time of the academic year.
  2. Partial cancellation, which allows the cancellation of enrolment in certain subjects by submitting the request within the deadline set each academic year, before the first examination session of the corresponding subjects.

In the case of partial cancellations, the minimum study load in credits provided for in Article 8 of the Enrolment Regulations must be observed according to full-time (36 ECTS) or part-time (24 ECTS) enrolment.

Both in the cases of partial and of full cancellation of enrolment, the cause alleged must have occurred unexpectedly after the enrolment date.



In the case of partial cancellation of enrolment, the request must be submitted within the deadlines set in the academic management calendar. For students enrolled in master’s degrees, deadlines for the 2021-2022 academic year are:

  • Subjects taught in the first term, until 10 December 2021
  • Subjects taught in the second term, until 1 May 2022

Full cancellation of enrolment can be applied for until 1 May 2022.



Cancellation requests must be submitted through the University of Valencia online office: 

The office of the secretary of the corresponding faculty or school will verify the validity of the request and the supporting documents of the reason alleged as force majeure for cancelling the enrolment. If need be, students will be required to amend their request.

The dean or the director of the faculty or school must then issue a report and forward it, together with the supporting documents provided by the student, to the general committee for cancellations, which will propose a resolution.

The Office of the Vice-Principal of Studies and Language Policy decides upon the cancellations of enrolment in master’s degrees.

Once a resolution is reached, the Student Services will notify the student and the corresponding faculty or school, which will regularise the enrolment in the student’s academic record.

The refund of the tuition fees only applies in cases in which a request for full or partial cancellation of enrolment is submitted before 31 December of the corresponding academic year.

Amendment of enrolment

Students can request the amendment of enrolment within the deadlines established for this purpose by each faculty or school.

Amendment of enrolment is normally restricted to the following duly justified cases: subjects passed or recognised after the enrolment period, completion of studies, addition of credits to qualify for a grant, or any other case established in the corresponding regulations.