Programme code: 3105

Regulations: Real Decreto 99/2011

Knowledge branch: Social and legal science

Doctoral website:

Organised by:Faculty of Social Sciences

Management Centre:Postgraduate School

Participant Universities:University of Valencia- General Study

Programme coordinator:Dr Carles Simó Noguera

1st year available places:25 places

Aims: The Doctoral Programme in Social Sciences by the University of Valencia aims to train researchers in the different fields of social sciences, who should be able to construct autonomously new scientific knowledge in these areas with the most effective use of the informational and methodological resources available. It is intended, thus, to expand the collective knowledge about the organisation and functioning of society, both in its basic and applied dimensions. The competences that the doctoral programme aims to achieve regarding to the training of doctoral students are the following: the systematic understanding of a field of study and mastery of the skills and methods of research connected with that field; the ability to conceive, to design or to create, to implement and to adapt a substantial process of research or creation; the ability to contribute to the expansion of the frontiers of knowledge through original research; the ability to carry out a critical analysis, assessment and synthesis of new and complex ideas; the ability to communicate with the academic and scientific community and society in general, about their areas of knowledge in the ways and languages commonly used in the international scientific community; the ability to promote, within academic and professional contexts, scientific, technological, social, artistic or cultural advances in a knowledge-based society.

Description: The doctoral studies in Social Sciences by the University of Valencia aim the advanced training of researchers capable of creating new social knowledge, who can place society in better conditions to face collective uncertainties with creative ability and scientific knowledge. The emerging social problems addressed in this programme, whether in the fields of employment, human resources and occupational health and safety, social welfare, migrations and life paths or in the topics related to sustainability, cultural changes, require specialised and trained staff for the development of researches, both of basic and applied nature. In a changeable and accelerated social context it is required skilled staff for the development of new knowledge related to the organisation and functioning of society, who should participate in job networks for the creation of debate and a better understanding of social life.

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