Specific admission requirements

1. The requirements to access doctoral programmes are established by the Royal Decree 99/2011, 28 January, which regulates the official doctoral studies, that sets that it will be necessary to hold the Spanish qualifications of Undergraduate Degree, or equivalent, and of University Master’s Degree to access them.
Also can access to them if having some of the following requirements
To hold other Spanish Doctoral qualification, or equivalent, and to have obtained the Researcher Proficiency (regulated by the Royal Decree 185/1985, 23 January).
To hold a Diploma de Estudios Avanzados (Tertiary Education Diploma) obtained according to the provisions of the Royal Decree 77/1998, 23 April, or to have reached the research proficiency regulated by the Royal Decree 778/1998, 30 January.
To hold other Spanish Doctoral qualification.
2. The students holding a foreign degree of higher education and want to study Doctoral Studies in Spain could access them prior accreditation of the degree to the Spanish degree that prepare for said access, in accordance with the planned procedure in the regulation in force in that regard. However, universities could accept degree holders according to foreign educational systems with no need of accreditation, but after verification that the degree certifies a level of education equivalent to the corresponding Spanish Degrees and Master’s degrees and empowers in the issuing country for accessing to doctoral studies. This admission does not imply, in any case, the accreditation of the previous degree or its recognition for other purposes different to the access to Doctoral Studies.
3. The students could access to any official Doctoral Programme related or not scientifically with their university curriculum, and in any university, prior admission executed by the responsible body of the indicated programme, according to specific admission requirements and appraisal criteria of merits that, in its case, establishes the university.
In the case of foreign students whose mother tongue is none of the Doctoral Programme languages (Spanish and English) they may be asked to prove an appropriate level in said languages.
The students of any participant universities should carry out in their university an application of enrollment in the Doctoral Programme. The applications will be sent to the Coordinating Committee of the Doctoral Programme and will be accompanied with a curriculum, the academic record and a letter of the applicants explaining their motivations. Also, when they are universities that do not take part in the Doctoral Programme, two presentation letters will be needed.

a) Credit by means of official certificate the academic throughput in the Degree or Bachelor and in the Master’s degree from which they come from.
b) Presenting before the Academic Committee a short memory (limited to 3 pages) about the research project that is going to be developed in any of the competent areas of the Doctoral Programme.
Requirements for the students that come from the other Doctoral Programme that expires:
According to the EXTINCTION CALENDAR OF THE DOCTORAL STUDIES REGULATED BY THE R.D. 778/1998 GIVEN IN THE UVA (Doctoral Committee agreement, 13 January 2012, adapting the approved on 15 June 2009). The students that have initiated their doctoral studies in prior years according to the R.D. 778/1998, could: Enrol in the Academic Guardianship by the enrollment in the Doctoral Thesis, present and defend the
Doctoral Thesis. Students that come from transfers in the Guardianship by enrollment of the Doctoral Thesis will be accepted.
The document of activities of the doctoral student will be replaced by a certificate of activities in the Doctoral Programme taken, sent by the administrative service responsible of the doctoral programme, in which will be included, if the programme considered it, the training period.