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Due to the situation generated by the COVID19 pandemic, the face-to-face attention at Universitat de València`s Student Service has been suspended except for those cases in which it is necessary to carry out some face-to-face management that will be attended exclusively by appointment. It is possible to request an appointment here below:

If you want to request an appointment for Degrees

If you want to request an appointment for Post-graduates

If you want to request an appointment for Master's Degree in Secondary Education Teacher Training

If you want to request an appointment for Grants

If you want to request an appointment for Specific Degree Qualifications


Student Services

Office of the Principal

Avinguda Blasco Ibáñez, 13 - Level 0.



The customer service telephone number is: 963 983 203


If you prefer to contact by e-mail, depending on the type of query, you can write us to the following addresses:




Access and admission to undergraduate degrees: PAU baccalaureate, PAU over 25, 40 and 45 years and pre-registration.

Access and Admission to Official Master’s Degrees and Equivalence of Foreign Degrees

Any queries about the Master's Degree in Secondary Education.

Application for the issuance of PAU, CAP certificates and specific degree qualifications.

Processing of applications, for undergraduate and master's degree studies, Ministry Grants, GVA, UV Scholarships and awards.

Management of study plans for official degrees and specific degree qualifications.

Issuance of specific degree qualifications, official qualifications and SET.

Economic management of official master's degrees



Doctoral admission: admission requirements, pre-registration procedure, admission results.

Deposit and defence of the doctoral thesis and declaration of equivalence of foreign doctoral degrees.

Offer, registration and recognition of transversal and specific doctoral activities.

Application for certificates and doctoral degree.

Enrolment incidents, payment of bills, cards, registrations, cancellations and extensions.