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1. Blended Intensive Programmes (Blended Intensive Programmes - BIPs)

What are they

It is a combination of short-term physical mobility (usually 5 days) with a virtual component using innovative teaching methods.

The virtual component can take place before, during or after the physical mobility.

Combined short-term mobility can be an important first step for students who are hesitant to go abroad. It offers the opportunity to build on these relationships and experience to create a new and more inclusive mobility format.

By enabling new and more flexible mobility formats that combine physical mobility with a virtual component, intensive blended programmes aim to reach out to all types of students, from all backgrounds, fields of study and cycles.

Who it organises

They are organised by a consortium that has to count 3 universities from 3 different European countries of the Erasmus+ programme.

There must be a host university that is in charge of the organisation of the virtual and physical part of the BIPs.

Who can participate?

The BIPs are mainly addressed to students of the Universitat de València who are taking official studies in any cycle of studies and who are not able to carry out a totally physical mobility of long duration.

To this end, they can carry out a BIP: a short-term physical mobility combined with a required virtual component.

They have to have a minimum of 15 participants.

How long they last

Mobility with physical presence can last from 5 to 30 days.

The Universitat de València funds up to 5 days of stay.

Virtual mobility does not establish a minimum or maximum duration. It will depend on each BIP.

Recognition ECTS

The participation in a BIP grants 3 ECTS credits to the student (physical and virtual combined).

In the case of doctoral students, the 3 ECTS are not recognised in their study cycle. However, the 3 ECTS have to be considered as a guideline for the workload of the combined short-term mobility at doctoral level.


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2. Call for BIPs 2022-23

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