UV Students

A multilateral and multidisciplinary Erasmus agreement has been recently signed between all FORTHEM universities for the academic year 2021-2022.

The agreement will widen the possibilities for Erasmus student, teacher and staff exchange in a variety of fields between the alliance universities. Compared to the earlier signed Erasmus agreements between individual FORTHEM alliance universities, the newly signed multilateral agreement allows a considerably larger number of mobilities in a much wider range of fields to take place between the FORTHEM universities. Also, the agreement will enable students from the FORTHEM universities to take part in FORTHEM Campuses, jointly organized semester-long exchange programmes on rotating hosting campuses, at the University of Burgundy in autumn 2021 and at the University of Latvia in spring 2022. A FORTHEM multilateral Erasmus agreement for the new Erasmus programme period from 2022 onwards will be signed later this year and will include an even wider array of study fields and many more exchange opportunities for students and staff of the FORTHEM alliance universities.