Understanding Agenda 2030 - Only one decade left

A series of webinars organised by a team of FORTHEM students, with the aim of spreading knowledge about the Sustainable Development Goals and making the 2030 Agenda more accessible.

This is not just any event on SDGs and Agenda 2030. We currently have less than ten years to achieve the targets set. Time is running out. Can we still make it? What is the current situation? What do we need to do?

The first webinar "The Path Towards a Sustainable World" will take place on 11 March (17.00 - 18.30 CET). We will get an update on the situation, learn from experts about the contradictions between the goals and the changes that are needed to achieve a more sustainable world. 

The event will have an international character. The UV Student Group for the Faculty of Ethical Economics (CEFDEE) has organised it together with The United Nations Association of Jyväskylä (Finland) and the ESN of Palermo (Italy).