Agenda 2030 - The Battle Against Poverty

Attend the second webinar organised by a team of FORTHEM students, with the aim of spreading knowledge about the Sustainable Development Goals and making the 2030 Agenda more accessible.

What do we call poverty? Why does poverty exist? Can we eradicate poverty? How?

Welcome to the second webinar of the event "Understanding Agenda 2030 - Only one decade left": "The Battle Against Poverty", which will take place on 30th March from 17.00 to 18.30. In this second webinar we will focus on the Sustainable Development Goal 1: "End poverty in all its forms everywhere". The webinar will cover the current situation, how the Covid crisis has affected the achievement of this goal and what the next steps should be to "leave no one behind".

Do you want to join us?

This second webinar is completely free of charge and will be held at Zoom.

The organisers of the webinar are students who participated in FORTHEM's call for civic engagement projects and won the grant: the UV Student Collective for the Faculty of Ethical Economics (CEFDEE), "The United Nations Association of Jyväskylä" (Finland) and the ESN of Palermo (Italy).

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