These are resources that can help you to find a host institution:

  1. Ask your mobility coordinators or professors abouth their international network.
  2. Ask your colleagues working or studying in Europe at the moment about institution looking for trainees.
  3. Just for information, we publish a list of organizations which have offered interships in the last years:

       Database of Erasmus Placement institutions  (including information on the 2021/2022 academic year)

Interesting web pages:

Elegible host institutions is any public or private organization. The following types of organisations are not eligible as host organisations: European institutions (such as the European Commission) qhich have a paid traineeship scheme, organisations managing EU programmes (such as National Agencies) in order to avoid possible ocnflict of interests and/or dual funding.



  • Paid internship program in Europe for qualified young people under 30 years of age.
  • The program is managed in the CV by the Ministry of Finance and the Economic Model and the FSE.
  • More information here and on the website:

NOTICE: this program is NOT compatible with the Erasmus Internship scholarship as it is financed by European funds. Any questions about the EURODISEA program should be addressed to:

Contact: Marien Carrion
961 206 857 - 682 007 275

The International Relations and Cooperation Service of the University of Valencia does not manage or report on these scholarships.



Last update: 07/06/2022