Photo of the team members

From 26-30 September, students and academic staff participated in an international meeting organised by the alliance in the framework of the project "Superbugs: raising awareness of antimicrobial resistance through service learning".

Students and academic staff from the University of Opole, the Universitat de València, the University of Palermo and the Johannes Gutenberg University of worked in an international team to strengthen social awareness of the dangers of superbugs. This is a continuation of the project created by Professor Belén Fouz and Professor Sergi Maicas (Facultat de Microbiologia i Ecologia, Facultat de Biologia de la Universitat de València UV). In this part of the project, more than a dozen students and some professors from the 4 universities mentioned above participated in seminars, laboratory activities and workshops of their own creation.

The meetings dealt with the dangers of superbugs and raising awareness of the inappropriate use of antibiotics. The students also discussed the creation of tools to analyse changing attitudes due to a photo and poster exhibition in the institutes. During the visit to Mainz, the teachers participated in meetings and workshops to plan future activities and further develop the team involved in the project.

The team members invite the whole university community to join their project and to participate in future meetings. More information: