Buddy Programme: a FORTHEM proposal addressed to new university students.

Buddy Programme is one of the new possibilities that FORTHEM Alliance offers to students who have recently joined any of the nine FORTHEM universities.

If you are a student at one of this nine universities and you are interested in participating in the initiative, register in this online form and you will become part of that small group of students- one from each partner university. As a FORTHEM Buddy, you’ll be put in touch with 8 other first-year students to form your Buddy Group. Each Buddy Group will then have a chance to take part in Buddy Challenges online, to win badges, prizes and maybe even a trip to meet up in person.You will have a Buddy in each FORTHEM university, a familiar face to greet you when you travel to another campus within FORTHEM, through one of the many opportunities for international mobility offered by FORTHEM.