New FORTHEM funding period
FORTHEM event at the UV Botanical Garden

From 2023, in a more consolidated way and with the 9 partners that compose the alliance, FORTHEM will adopt a new model whose main objectives are based on five new missions

  • European Campus: Based on the importance of the circulation of talent, it provides international educational opportunities for all and where European values are shared.
  • Skills and competences: From the point of view of adaptability, social equity and resilience, it aims to foster future-oriented personal and professional development. 
  • Research, Innovation and Transfer: The importance of free circulation of researchers, knowledge and technology with a focus on cross-sectoral cooperation and training for future high-performing R&I professionals.
  • Laboratories and co-creation: FORTHEM labs as spaces for co-creation to address transnational challenges and solutions of the future. 
  • Service to society: Growth through civic engagement and learning regions for value creation and social innovation.

These five missions are closely interlinked and interdependent. Together, they promote knowledge generation, value creation and economic growth to provide a solid foundation for a European University. In addition to these missions, FORTHEM addresses six cross-mission focus areas: student involvement, the core and fundamental purpose of the alliance, multilingualism, diversity and inclusion, societal challenges, the development of a European identity and the responsibility to move towards a sustainable and green European university.

Regarding developments in the structure of the alliance, during the next funding period, the FORTHEM Presidency, the Steering Committee and the Coordination Commission will each have rotating chairs. The change will take place each year in January. This will give each university the opportunity to lead the alliance and provide representation at the highest levels. It will move from the current 7 work packages to 11 work packages, in which the missions outlined above will be developed. In addition, a centralised administration, called the General Secretariat, will be created. It will facilitate the transfer of knowledge, information and best practices, support decision-making across the alliance, centralise certain services such as communication, IT and law for the whole alliance and increase FORTHEM's visibility beyond the alliance.

The full press release is available here.

For more information, please contact your local FORTHEM UV office.