European Summer School for Teachers

The FORTHEM European Summer School for Teachers strives to promote democratic cultures in classrooms across Europe. Its instructors know well that, in addition to getting learners ready for the labour market, education in Europe also needs to prepare learners for life as responsible democratic citizens in the changing world.

The first FORTHEM European Summer School for Teachers has taken place at the University of Valencia, at the Faculty of Teacher Training, from 23rd May to 26th May 2022. 18 school teachers from different EU regions have worked together in the development of multilingual and multidisciplinary deeper learning materials, innovating their skills. They have also visited a school in Valencia, shared coffee breaks and lunch with their classmates and got to know the secret corners of the old city.

The instructors of the summer school were:

  • Prof. Dr. Oliver Meyer, Johannes Gutenberg-University Mainz.
  • Prof. Dr. Do Coyle, University of Edinburgh.
  • Dr. Eija Aalto, University of Jyväskylä.
  • Dr. Susanne Staschen-Dielmann, Free University of Berlin.

”The obvious fragility of European and other western democracies challenges us to strengthen our ties and to elaborate a shared vision of the future. We are convinced that this process needs to start in schools around Europe and that it is high time to start working on a curriculum for European Citizenship”, according to the instructors of FORTHEM's first Summer School for Teachers.