Natural Science Course
Photo by Federico Garcia on Unsplash

Are you a Natural Sciences Master’s student who is passionate about climate change issue? Do you want to learn more but prefer not to travel? The course "Sedimentary Records of Earth’s Past Climate" might be for you. Registration is open until 30th June.

The course focusses on unravelling Earth’s paleoclimates and the effects of climate change on paleoenvironments - looking at the past to learn about the future. To achieve this goal you will examine a spectacular Jurassic-Cretaceous rock sequence with rich fossil content from the comfort of your home/university (or anywhere you would prefer to be). You will learn how to deal with and interpret various digital data and digitally collaborate with a field team in real time. The course is part of a Digital Academy organised by FORTHEM.

 Further details:

- The complete course, from 1 July - 31 August 2022, earns 5 ECTS, but you can also join just part of it, for fewer ECTS.

- There are online lectures and exercises to complete, when it best suits you, in July and August 2022.

- Online consultation with Professors from 5 different institutions throughout Europe.

- Work collaboratively, sharing data and interpretations with a ’field team’ from 26 - 31 August 2022.

To register: Send an expression of interest to by 30 June 2022.

To learn more about FORTHEM's Digital Academy, browse the Digital Academy Platform.