UV leads this mission, aiming to stimulate the civic engagement of students, create a network of company/school internships and organise European summer schools for teachers.

FORTHEM has launched a new Civic Engagement call in which we encourage students to carry out a volunteer project. The idea is to form teams of students from at least three FORTHEM universities and thus begin a lively collaboration in which the participants contribute to putting their ideals into practice at a European level.

If you are a UV student and you have an idea for a project, you are eligible to receive the financial aid and the advice offered by FORTHEM. However, we know that it is difficult to start planning this kind of project, especially if you are an independent student (not belonging to an association or a group). Therefore, we would like to point out to you some of the steps you should follow:

1. If you are an independent UV student:

You should form a group with other students who are interested in your idea or who are already working in your field of interest.

A first option would be to contact one of the UV student associations listed on the Alliance website and join them.

If your idea has no connection with the existing associations, but you know at least two other UV students interested in your idea, you can register as a group in the census. This is an easy procedure about which the SeDi will inform you at the following e-mail address: participa@uv.es. You can also find the information on the SeDi website.

2. If you are a group of UV students already registered as a group:

When you have a solid idea for a project, you should consider whether any of the student associations from other FORTHEM universities share your values and if you can collaborate with them.

On the other hand, you can find a list of project proposals that you can join or that can inspire you.

If your idea has no connection with the existing associations and you need to contact students from the partner universities who are also “freelancers”, you can share your data and ideas by filling in this form.

The information you put on the form will be published on the Alliance website so that other students can contact you.

3. Form a team with members from at least three FORTHEM universities.

4. Once the team has been formed, the SeDi (participa@uv.es) can put you in touch with one of the NGOs they know.

5. Read carefully the award criteria of the call and design a project accordingly. Make sure that all team members understand the call and the project in the same way.

6. Submit your application including the required attachment (Project Description Form).

7. The SeDi (participa@uv.es) will inform you about how to apply for the additional grant that UV will offer to the groups of UV students who win the FORTHEM scholarship.