Team teaching is one of the new possibilities offered to teaching staff and their students thanks to the close links developed between the universities of the FORTHEM Alliance. It is a very flexible format: the term covers any courses for which staff and students collaborate between universities, including some degree of online teaching. Although the students are working together on their assignment, the two teachers grade their own students in their respective grading system. Since the courses already exist in each university, there is no credit transfer – the students simply validate the existing module in their home university. However, they also receive a FORTHEM “open badge” and certificate, stating that they have taken part in an internationally-taught module. For the students, the experience is novel and enjoyable – for a few of their classes they get to meet and then work with students from a partner university, to make new friends. They get to practice some languages, find out about how a subject is taught elsewhere, and benefit from the teaching of another professor from a different country. For the teachers, this is a chance to get to know one another better, to exchange ideas, to share some of their teaching, and to give their students a new pedagogical experience.

Here you can consult the guide for Team Teaching.

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