FORTHEM Campus is one of the mobility missions of the FORTHEM Alliance, an innovative form of intensive transversal training programme around one of the seven FORTHEM Labs themes.

The FORTHEM Campus is a semester programme of a minimum duration of 3 months and 30 ECTS, aimed at students of all cycles of the seven FORTHEM universities. Organised each time by the university leading the corresponding research laboratory, each campus has a different thematic focus, with different activity modules and courses taught by faculty from the Alliance universities. Financed by Erasmus funds, unlike an ordinary ERASMUS stay, the FORTHEM campus offers a block of regulated courses, seminars, workshops, etc. in different areas of knowledge and eligible for recognition. The FORTHEM Campuses are also intended to serve as an incentive for those students who are undecided about applying for international mobility.

More information about the different FORTHEM Campuses is available at the following link.