Announcement for the II TFG, TFM and Doctoral Thesis Award for the people axis of the SDG
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Have you obtained your undergraduate, master’s or doctoral degree at the Universitat de València in 2020 or 2021? Then this may interest you!

If you are a 2020 UV graduate or are studying and planning on finishing this year, then this may interest you.

These awards aim at acknowledging those Undergraduate (TFG), Master’s (TFM) and Doctoral Degrees that show a high level of impact in the people axis’ Sustainable Development Goals:

SDG 1: End of poverty

SDG 2: Zero hunger

SDG 3: Health and wellbeing

SDG 4: Quality education

SDG 5: Gender equality

Without excluding the rest, it contributes to the development of Agenda 2030 for the sustainable development of the UN.

The deadline is October 30th 2021: if you have already defended your project or thesis, don’t hesitate to get started, or you might miss it! If you’re currently preparing it for the next call, feel free to check the rules of the call in case it helps you with your work’s approach.

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