Functional Inorganic Materials - FuniMAT

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Description of research activity:

We are a research group in the interface between inorganic and materials chemistry. We are part of the Institute of Molecular Science (ICMol) at the Universidad de Valencia. Our research encompasses different targets ranging from the synthesis, characterization and nanostructuration of inorganic, porous materials. Built upon a thorough understanding of these basic principles we aim to enable environmentally relevant application based on these materials like catalysis, chiral separation, photocatalysis, electrocatalysis or energy storage. We collaborate nationally and internationally with renowned research groups, including scientists at ICIQ (Tarragona), Polymat (San Sebastián), ETH (Zurich), ICN2 (Barcelona), University of Liverpool, University of Warwick and IMDEA Nanoscience (Madrid). Our labs are located at the state-of-the-art facilities of ICMol.

Scientific-technical goals:
  • New synthetic routes specifically designed for producing new, hydrolytically stable MOFs.
  • More advanced crystalline materials to feature tunable function by chemical manipulation of MOF¿s optical/electrical properties and pore activity.
  • High-quality ultrathin films alongside establishing the techniques required for evaluating their electric properties relevant to application.
  • Synthesis and derivatization of enantiopure MOFs for low-temperature applications (enantiomeric separation and asymmetric catalysis).
  • Defect engineering in MOF chemistry.
Research lines:
  • Functional Inorganic Materials. Desarrollo de nuevos materiales porosos avanzados para su implementación en aplicaciones de interés medioambiental, como la conversión de energía solar o el desarrollo de una nueva generación de dispositivos electrónicos que combinen porosidad con respuesta eléctrica.
Group members:
Name Nature of participation Entity Description
Carlos Martí GastaldoDirector-a UVEG-Valencia Investigador-a contractat-ada doctor-a Post Ramón y Cajal UV
Equip d'investigació
Neyvis Almora BarriosMembre UVEG-Valencia Investigador-a doctor-a UVEG Senior
Belén Lerma BerlangaMembre UVEG-Valencia Investigador-a en Formació Predoctoral FPU
José Navarro SánchezMembre UVEG-Valencia Investigador-a no Doctor-a UVEG A1
Sergio Tatay AguilarMembre UVEG-Valencia Investigador-a contractat-ada Ramón y Cajal
Carmen Fernández CondeCol·laborador-a UVEG-Valencia Investigador-a no Doctor-a UVEG A1
Natalia Muñoz PadialCol·laborador-a UGR-Granada Investigador-a doctor-a
María Romero ÁngelCol·laborador-a UVEG-Valencia Investigador-a en Formació Predoctoral en el Ministeri
Equip de Treball
Montaña Elviro PérezEquip de Treball MatCO-Valencia Investigador-a
Carolina Paloma Ruiz GanivetEquip de Treball UVEG-Valencia Investigador-a doctor-a UVEG Senior