Collective Short-Term Mobilities

uB leads this mission, whose goals are to amplify student and staff mobility, remove barriers to mobility, set up university-wide agreements and harmonise all the processes involved. Among other activities, UV will offer short-term mobility programmes for students from other FORTHEM universities and send UV students to their partners’ programmes.

Short-Term Mobilities

Among many actions taking place within the FORTHEM alliance, one of them is short-term student mobility between alliance universities. Every year, approximately ten collective short-term mobility activities are proposed to students, giving them a chance to take part in a week-long (5 days on site) group activity as part of a group of approximately 35 students, coming from all of the FORTHEM partner universities, who will meet physically on site in one university city. The 10 activities will be organised in all partner universities (1 or 2 activities per university), based on proposals made in response to this call for projects. A COLLECTIVE MOBILITY PROJECT may be submitted by one or more members of one of the FORTHEM universities or one of their student associations. Applications will be reviewed by the FORTHEM Mobility Mission Board, with representatives from all alliance universities. The following criteria will be applied in establishing the final selection of 10 projects to be funded:

  • Quality and innovation of the proposed programme (feasibility, contents, structure, planned organisation)
  • Coherency with overall objectives of the FORTHEM alliance (mobility, research and innovation, regional and civic outreach)
  • Provisions by organisers to cover organisational costs other than student mobility
  • Representativity of all universities of the alliance in the final selection (1 or 2 projects from each partner university)
  • Diversity and inclusion of various student profiles and interests within all of the selected projects (variety of projects)

The selected projects will  be published on the FORTHEM alliance website and students will then be able to apply for a maximum of two collective and one individual mobilities via an online form. Applicants will be notified of the results of the selection process and must confirm their participation.

Student mobility and living costs for the activities will be funded by the FORTHEM alliance. The home university will finance the travel expenses of the selected students, according to the categories established by the Erasmus Program and its distance calculator. Any additional costs generated by the activity are not covered by the FORTHEM budget.

You can send your questions about Short Term Mobilities to the following e-mail address:

Additionally, in each application period students may apply for INDIVIDUAL SHORT-TERM MOBILITIES, to carry out a project previously approved by the host university for ten days, financed by the home university.